Boo Radley, Where Are You?                                             

At number 65 on a quiet suburban street lives musical connoisseur Boo Radley. We know he's there and we know he's cool, but few people have ever been lucky enough to spot Boo, let alone meet him. This is our quest to meet Boo Radley and congratulate him on his excellent taste. Boo, please come over for a cup of tea.


Text Box: Boo's bedroom, from which issues the finest 70s rock













Text Box: Boo's Favourite Artists:
David Bowie
The Cure
The Eagles
Bonzo Dog Doodah Band


Text Box: Intrepid Boo-spotters
Text Box: Boolog: 
there have been some very exciting developments lately. Most recently:
12th July - Boo Radley seen to leave house and strut rapidly down road! (see artist's impression, above)
22nd July - Whilst sitting on roof, enjoying Boo's selections, Falulah sneezes, only to witness Boo's head popping out of his window and blessing her! This must surely be a sign that Boo knows we are there and is willing to interact with can't be long before he is confident enough to enter into an actual conversation!!
Watch this space for further sightings!